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KalidescopeWelcome to the WMG Academy for Young Engineers Alumni page.  Here you’ll be able to read some of the stories our past students have sent us about what they’ve been Creating, Doing and Designing around the world.  Our first cohort left in June 2016.

For past students who want to keep in touch, you can join the WMG Academy Alumni Facebook Group.


Success Stories

Beth Tuckey“I already knew a lot when I started university”  ~ Beth Tuckey

An engineering education has helped to give Beth Tuckey a career boost – and she’s setting her sights high.

Beth Tuckey, is currently studying Automotive and Transport Design at Coventry University and says attending WMG Academy for Young Engineers has given her a headstart.

The 18-year-old left WMG Academy in July 2017 with an unconditional offer and she says her career-based education was instrumental in securing her place.

She said: “There are only two universities in the UK that offer this course and I had an unconditional offer from Coventry.

“At the university interview they were very interested in what I had been doing at WMG Academy – the work experience, the opportunities I’d had there and the schemes I’d been involved with. It definitely helped me get a place on the course.”

Beth hopes to pursue a career designing interiors and exteriors of cars and planes. Her chosen career makes use of her studies in product design, art and engineering. She said: “Although a lot of what I do is about design it helps a lot to understand the engineering involved, especially aerodynamics. I have an advantage because I already knew a lot when I started at university.”

Beth was a dedicated student during her time at WMG Academy, travelling over 80 miles a day for the education that would ensure she could achieve her career ambitions. She said: “The travelling was stressful at times, but definitely worth it.”

During her time at WMG Academy she was able to gain valuable work experience at Aston Martin and Concept Group International.


Katie McKeown

It’s not just about oily overalls’ ~ Katie McKeown

You can be a ‘girly girl’ and work in engineering. That’s the message Katie McKeown is hoping to get across to youngsters.

The teenager balances her love of hair, clothes and make-up with a career in engineering and a passion for stock car racing.

Katie is currently an apprentice at MTC, a manufacturing company based in Ansty, near Coventry, and says her career in engineering doesn’t challenge her femininity.

The 19-year-old said: “I am a real girly girl but I also work in engineering, race cars and spend time at the garage. You don’t have to be a tomboy to work in engineering.

“I want to say to other girls that it’s not just about oily overalls and it’s not just for boys.”

Katie was given an unconditional offer from MTC after studying at WMG Academy for Young Engineers in Coventry for two years. She is building her experience in metrololgy, automation and CNC.

She is, however, just one of three girls out of 42 apprentices at the firm.

Katie said: “I’m the only girl in my group, which was daunting at first, but now it’s not an issue at all. They know I know what I’m talking about.”

Katie believes the skills she learned at WMG Academy equipped her for a career in engineering and she was even allowed to skip the first year of the apprenticeship programme because she had already gained the necessary skills through her time at the academy.

She said: “I found that other sixth forms couldn’t cater for what I wanted to do but WMG Academy has amazing facilities and when I left I already had a lot of knowledge of engineering.”

In her spare time Katie races stock cars. She could drive at the age of six, was racing by ten and now competes in the UK and overseas.